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About Thaba Tshwene Game Lodge

Nestled and secluded on the R507 in North West, Thaba Tshwene Game Lodge is bordered by the lush indigenous African bush and beautiful koppie. This most seductive Lodge’s very name and reputation has become synonymous with the ultimate in comfort, luxury, style, splendour and bliss.

Thaba Tshwene Game Lodge is situated in the North West Province, approximately 28km from Klerksdorp and 5km outside Hartbeesfontein. This award winning venue is set against a backdrop of lush green mountainous vegetation and has been exclusively developed to ensure unparalleled luxury and comfort while experiencing the splendid beauty of Africa.

This beautiful property, of about 300 hectares, was purchased by Marius and Maria Viljoen in April 2005, which was originally a cattle farm with a small portion set aside for planting. The first job after the purchase was for Marius to start fencing off the area.

Initially the pair had decided it would be made their home and preparations began, however one evening sitting with friends overlooking the property, the idea was born for a Game Lodge. As Maria was not new to the Hospitality industry, having the well-established Villa Maria Guest Lodge to her name, they knew that this would not be an easy feat, but were confident- the planning started. The main entrance was shifted to the current location, the reception area, main kitchen and venue were in process.

In 2006 the first rooms were built and with this brought our very first guests consisting of Johan Grobler and his team from Senwes, who had booked both accommodation and a function in November of that year. It was a whirlwind time, as the guests were arriving so Maria was doing her final checks to the rooms, with tools in hand. Starting off with a very small group of staff, it was a crazy and exciting time for Maria and Marius together with the chef and farm manager making this first visit a success.

November 11th 2006 also saw our very first wedding- Thinus and Jolande van Greuning- although the venue was not yet wedding ready, with the ice-berg terrace still mostly under construction, the couple decided to get married between the building rubble.

Thaba Tshwene officially opened its doors on 11 January 2007 with Christo Viljoen at the helm as manager, chef and all round Lodge Guru. With the support of Maria and Marius, big decisions were put in place and the Lodge began to grow from strength to strength.

Maria and Marius look back on their journey with pride and nostalgia of the hard work and love that went into the creation of this incredible venue.

They laugh as they tell staff the stories of what went into getting to where the Lodge is now and the obstacles they had to overcome, one story in particular stands out:

It is said that weddings weren’t just a day celebrating love but a bit of an adventure as well. When they first started out, the road up to the venue was not paved, so the day before Marius would head out and make sure the road was graded and suitable for all types of cars to make it to the destination. On this particular weekend as he stood feeling prepared for the guests, the heavens opened and washed away all of the hard work from the previous day making it that no ordinary cars could get to the top.

Having to come up with a plan, and quick, the solution was rather unconventional- Marius announced that he would hitch every car of guests arriving at the Lodge and tow them the 1.6km to the ceremony. With a mountain of a task lying ahead, they managed to get everyone up without delaying the joyous occasion.

A wedding to never be forgotten.

Today Thaba Tshwene is a World Award winning venue and is the proud owner of 22 rooms accommodating up to 54 guests.

Our function venue caters up to 150 guests whether it is for a business conference or a lavish wedding. The Amphitheatre offers couples the opportunity to be luxuriously in nature while exchanging wedding vows; alternatively they can host their guests in our cosy Chapel with unparalleled views.

As a delightful addition to Thaba Tshwene’s already charming appeal, Maria and Marius opened the doors to Enviro Sanctuary Spa in March of 2017. The exquisite design lends to the beauty of the mountainous backdrop and awe inspiring views.


Why Guests Choose Thaba Tshwene?